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About Help Us Hope

help us hope is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization registered with the directorate of non-profit organizations: department of social development - Republic of South Africa NPO-071341. help us hope is also a public benefit organization recognized by the South African revenue services (SARS) PBO-930032845 in terms of section 30 of the income tax act. The organization works within the legal framework of the non-governmental organizations registrations and other relevant laws and acts. 


  • Expanded access to comprehensive health care and support for children and women living with HIV/AIDS through home based health care.
  • Established training facilities in form of workshops aimed at empowering women with skills, information and knowledge that will stimulate development.
  • Reduced the literacy rate (status) of the community with more emphasis on women and the girl child.
  • Promoted the reduction of the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections other than HIV/AIDS.


  • To Construct Permanent Shelters: for the most vulnerable affected orphans by HIV/AIDS.
  • Agricultural Productivity - to ensure food security in quantity and quality.
  • Economic Empowerment - providing material resources designed to bring about sustenance.
  • Social Justice - We seek a world of hope and  tolerance where people live is dignity and security.


  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty
  • Nutrition
  • Victim Service
  • HIV Testing Mobilization
  • HIV Prevention
  • Treatment Action
  • Counselling

Non-Profit Organisation No: 071341 | Public Benefit Organisation No: 930032845



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